Sri Lanka Cricket under the Vision 15/15 of the Interim Committee has been working on upgrading the gym facilities for the national cricketers in all of its International venues. This project is a vital aspect and will allow SLC to further develop the ‘Performance Environment’ of the national cricketers. This project will also give the rural players opportunities to use the facilities at Zonal and District level in strength and conditioning in order to develop their ability to their highest level.

Below is a summary of what the project will entail:

  • R Premedasa– Refurbish and Renovate the current facility to be a world class performance gym. This development will dramatically improve the quality of training for players who train from this venue as the main site (All National Team Programmes). The equipment, design of the gym and updated layout features will better cater for larger groups and allow for much more effective physical training/programming.
  • P SaraOval – The current equipment which is located at R Premedasa will be relocated here. This will be a great upgrade for P Sara and help the national team with consistency of training when based here for training/test matches.
  • Galle– A new facility will be developed here. This will be a slightly smaller facility but will still have adequate equipment for up to 12 players to complete effective training. Again this helps all the national team programmes who train/play here and allows for consistency in physical work completed. This space is ready made to be fitted out and already has a/c, flooring, mirrors etc.
  • Kandy– Same as Galle but does not have a/c or gym flooring so this will need to be addressed in due course.

Interim Committee of SLC who will be investing heavily on this project feels extremely positive about what they can create at Sri Lanka Cricket and it is amazing to think that we have competed and been successful already without some of the physical support processes and facilities available to most of the other countries.

“The SLC feels strongly that with progressions like this gym project, we are giving ourselves the best chance to be a consistent dominant force in world cricket for years and years to come,” said an official of SLC.