Near Future
Government of the ministers, by the minister, for the ministers.

Ulitimate Winner
Ranil has emerged victorious against Mahinda. Finally.  Mahinda has fought his last battle bravely.  He can now live a leisurely life.

The great teacher
Mahinda should find an activity outside politics. I think he can write the best ever book about our people. There is no other man who has understood the Sri Lankan people more accurately.

The great student
Maithree is still learning. But he has proved that he is a very clever student.

Praba’s laugh
Prabakaran may laugh from the other world to Fonseka: You  defeated me with your strength and it is this very strength that made you lose the election.

No films
Now the Elections Commissioner is like an actor who has no films.

The serpents
The dragon is the most innocent serpent, simply because it is an imaginary one. But in appearance it is the fiercest.

Made-in-China world
China will sooner or later fall but when it falls many Chinese will be living outside that country.  So, in reality, China will fall converting the entire world into a China.

Harin and Dayasiri hope to sit in the same cabinet.