Any move on a change should have some credible evidence and source to show the need of such change. If you forcibly make a change without the consent of the relevant stakeholders, then it will bring not only negative results, but also backfires with dire consequences.

This applies to each and every part of our lives. When you look at the political situation of this country, I personally feel that the philosophical concept which mentioned above will forfeit well with the present political setup. With the Geneva human rights and war crimes report on Sri Lanka is to be presented in September, it is the utmost responsibility of the leaders of so-called ‘good governance’ to establish a stable government first to face any eventualities in this regard. If one questions whether any genuine efforts are been made at present to establish the stable government, we would say simply “Yet to be seen”.

Any government in a democratic setup should have a strong opposition to raise voice during a foul play of ruling coalition. This applies to National Government as well. If someone opposes this, then it means that things are heading for an ‘authoritarian rule or dictatorship’. The parties or leaders who severely criticize the activities of MR regime should make one point clear is that they should make sure that they follow good governance policies to make a change or rectify something. Instead, if they go out of the way to make a change or make provisions to penalize the politicians of the previous regime, then it will showcase a bad precedence and might give a wrong impression about the good governance. Further, this will create sympathy towards the politicians of the previous regime. So what a common man expects here is that any punishment procedure should be implemented through the rule-of-law , and allow the judicial system to take care of the future cause of action with regard to any wrong doing or corruption case. But that does not happen as it is. This will lead to a situation where the common mass of this country might lose confidence in the so-called ‘good governance.’ A proper good governance should serve the purpose through its action and mechanism to convince the minds of the ordinary people of this country.

On the other side, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is trying its best to get the Opposition Leader post. As a moderate Tamil, I personally feel, this is a wrong move by the TNA. The alliance is established to raise voice for Tamils and look into the grievances of the Tamils, because Tamils in this country have suffered a lot due to many reasons including political vengeance in 1956, 1977, 1978 and 1983. Therefore, it is important that Tamil politicians should unite to speak in one voice for the sake of Tamils. The TNA, although being an alliance which is the most dominant Tamil political party, it is still struggling to bring justice to Tamil community. Given this situation, how can a party of this nature play a broader role as Opposition leader? This is the question to be answered. If you are an opposition leader then, you need to voice for deprived Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims as well. That is the prime responsibility of the Opposition. Can the TNA fulfill this aspiration? If  the TNA tries to voice for Sinhalese under different circumstances, that will create a negative impression among Tamils. On the other side, majority Sinhalese will look forward to a positive and active role from an Opposition leader. Therefore, the TNA should not undertake this task and face unnecessary risk. The TNA should simply look into the wellbeing of the Tamils only.

Further, the ruling coalition looking for an approval from Parliament to increase the size of the Cabinet is a good practice which is rarely seen in Sri Lankan politics. Thanks to 19th Amendment for creating such a situation. But, these amendments should not be a hindrance for genuine rapid development programs and for the areas where immediate attention is required. 19th Amendment showcases and requires more commitment and dedication from parliamentarians for the smooth run of the administration. Above all, it requires a mutual understanding between the executive president and Parliament. A break in this cohabitation will lead to a drastic situation. So each parliamentarian in this new assembly should act with responsibility. He/she should not merely think about  himself/herself, but think about the country and take decision. Many still have a doubt whether this unusual cohabitation will work or not. So it is the main responsibility of the 225 legislators to clear this genuine doubt from the minds of the common masses. That is the first and most important job to be done immediately.

Although, this is being a national government, I still reiterate that a strong Opposition is important for to raise the genuine concerns of the common masses. So, the executive president and prime minister should allow establishing an opposition through democratic means. No room should be given for obstructing this process. An Opposition is very important for this type of administration, if not it will lead to an authoritarian rule or one-sided administration. All peace loving local and international forces should promote and encourage the Parliament to have an Opposition for smooth run of the administration.
Any nation will be a prosperous nation if ‘good government’ is implemented to the letter, if not the nation will become a failed destination.