Environmentalists have expressed their displeasure at subjects with a direct link to the environment being divided between various Ministries. Environmentalist and Director of the Environmental Conservation Trust (ECT) Sajeewa Chamikara representing the Environmental Organizations Collective said this is in fact a very problematic issue. “We are not happy with such a division” he said adding that this hampers conservation as well as environmental protection efforts. However, he went on to say that the group is somewhat pleased with the appointment of Gamini Jayawickrama Perera as the Minister for Environment as Perera does posses knowledge regarding environmental issues.

Earlier last week the group requested the government to consider bringing the subjects of wild life, forest conservation, geological survey and mines, coast conservation, maritime protection, gems and the Sri Lanka wildlife trust under the purview of the Ministry of Environment as well as a capable person be appointed at the head of the Ministry.

The group claimed that such a move could ensure better protection of the environment and conservation due to collaboration between all linked government authorities. While claiming today no communication exists between many departments and organizations they also said any efforts with regards to environmental issues are hampered due to the divisions and administrative deadlocks between all Ministries and Departments involved.