Large enough to disrupt human water supply, imagine the fate of life in the river. @CocaCola clean up your mess. #lka
Duminda Jayasena ‏@dumindaxsb

CocacolaIf the waste can contaminate the Kelani Ganga.What about the product itself?
Shums Kamil

Cocacola Kelani GangaJustice for Kelani River
Crystal ‏@malpapadam

cocacola#lka #CokeShame Dumping refreshingness to the fishies. That much we spread love…
Muditha D Senarath-Yapa

Share a coke with Kelani River

Dear @CocaCola, mess with our health directly when we drink Coca Cola, it’s fine, but don’t mess with #Colombo main water supply river.
Shenu ‏@Shenuminator

CocaCola (2)We’ve Got a Taste for You Coca-Cola… Makes Good Things (water) Taste Better (with oil)

People, be happy that @CocaCola only leaked oil into the river. If they leaked CocaCola, it would have done more damage to the ecosystem.
Nisansa de Silva ‏@NisansaDdScocacola‬

Cocacola cool#lka Think about the poor schmucks drinking water polluted with oil while having that refreshing #cocacola‬
Muditha D Senarath-Yapa

cocacola‬Have a Coke and some oil

Coca Cola used to compete with Harpic, Folidol, etc. Now with H2O. #CokePollutes #lka
Ajnabhii Al Srilanki ‏@AjnabhiiTweets

Coca Colaකොකා කෝලා කැළණි ජලය දූෂණය කිරීමට එරෙහි ජන විරෝධය සෝඩා බෝතලය ඇරියා වගේ ඉක්මනට හමාර නොවීමට නම් පරිසර හා පාරිභෝගික ක‍්‍රියාකාරීකයන් එක් විය යුතුයි.

Environmental protection and consumer affairs authorities should join hands to ensure the social uprising against contamination of Kelani River by Coca Cola doesn’t end as quickly as a soda bottle is opened.
Nalaka Gunawardene

Coca Cola (2)What’s up, @KelaniRiver? #SayItWithCoke


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