Sri Lanka is now being bombarded by a virulent campaign to displace Buddhism from its honored place in our Constitution and replace it with “secularism”. Interestingly, this campaign is being pushed by a cohort of West European funded NGOs (CPA, TISL, ICES, NPC, etc.). Not one of these funding countries is ‘secular’. Almost all of them have Established Christian Churches embedded in their Constitutions.

It is educative to list some of the countries that were/are boldly ‘secular’ – Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Mao’s China, Viet Nam, North Korea, and Taiwan. Is this the way these hypocrites want us to go?

I urge all Buddhist organizations to mount a serious campaign against this assault on the place of Buddhism in our Constitution. Were we Buddhists ever intolerant of other faiths? Our history proves the opposite. King Senarath offered refuge in his eastern domain to Muslims escaping the Portuguese massacres. King Narendrasinghe gave sanctuary from the Dutch oppressors to Catholic Joseph Vaz. We Buddhists do not need “secularism” to teach us to be tolerant of other faiths.
A concerned Buddhist