“If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble,” said Bob Hope who was an English-born American comedian. According him, people’s charity has become a fact to read people’s heart. Charity plays a significant role in human life. Thus we have to be concerned about this as much as possible.

What is charity? Why is there a special international date for charity? Have you ever done charity works? How does it important to you? How can you do charity? Here are few questions on you. But hope you will be able to find the answers through this content at the end.

Charity can be defined in several ways. Charity is giving happiness to other living beings-humans or animals. When you give happiness to others, you will get the same in return. Although sometimes you have to give away your belongings, you feel good because you have done something good.

Giving happiness can be done in various ways. It can be your money, time, goods, food or anything else. Every year, charity organizations all over the world help to save and improve people’s lives, fighting disease, protecting children, and giving hope to many thousands of people.

To honor the important work that many charity organizations do, in 2012 the United Nations decided to nominate an annual International Day of Charity as an official day of recognition and celebration. September 05th is the date for the international day of charity. The reason the date was chosen is because it is the anniversary date of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

This choice commemorates the tireless works that Mother Teresa did by devoting her whole life to charity work. To celebrate this special day every year, the work of different charities all over the word is publicized and celebrated, and people are encouraged to donate money and time, to carry out charitable works, and also to educate people and raise awareness about the many charitable issues worldwide. Education and giving are the essence of this special day.

Nowadays, there are famous and rich persons who do more charity works. They have handed over billions of dollars to charitable organizations across the world.

Saudi Prince Al-Waheed bin Talal’s latest pledge to donate his £32 billion fortune to charity. The Microsoft founder has donated $28 billion of his fortune to his and his wife Ellen’s own charity the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have been donating shares to various causes such as $100 million to public schools. Technology pioneer and Intel founder Gordon Moore donated $6.8 billion to his and his wife’s charity – the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Taylor Swift makes massive cash donation to injured family after being moved by the heroic actions of a volunteer fireman.

As the kids you don’t earn. But above mentioned celebrities have more money. Does it mean that we need more money to do charity works? Money has become a crucial fact for everything. But anyone can do charity without money. For that, you can join hands with societies, clubs which hold charity events. You can share your skills, ideas with them to make charity projects a successful one. You can help them to find sponsors for that. You can give your strength to particular event on that day also.
Giving something makes you happy for sure.

That pleasure will be priceless. It can’t be stolen also. Then you have to keep involving in charity to grab that pleasure. It will be demonstrating that you don’t have a worst kind of heart.