Why do you help others? Is it because you want to make someone’s life better and see no reason to not help another if you can or is it so you can add it to the favor jar and trade it in for help from that person later on? Enough and more people say things like, ‘Oh! I helped him two years ago so he’ll have to help me now. And what I want from him is nothing compared to the favor he asked for.’

Think about all the favors you have done for other people. Have you expected something in return? Sure, it’s a give and take world, but not every give should be followed by a take. You need not maintain a ‘favor account’ where you add or deduct favors.  You can ask for help and you should but you shouldn’t expect help simply because you have helped that person before.

This element of give-and-take is also present in acts of charity. What do people expect when they give money or food to a beggar? Some people like to feel better about themselves through acts of charity. Such intentions make charity a selfish act. If you offer help to someone, whether it’s a favor, money, food or clothes, you shouldn’t offer it just so the world will see how good a person you are.

You should be helping people simply because you understand that you can make them happy or worry-free even for a few seconds. A packet of rice won’t change a beggar’s entire life, but it will give him at least a few moments of happiness. It is this unselfish intention that makes charity so beautiful.

As much as we speak about the importance of charity, it must be kept in mind that charity isn’t obligatory or mandatory. We are quick to criticize the wealthy for not giving enough. “Look at him drive around in his brand new car! Would it have hurt to spend that money on some poor people?” we ask. However, what we forget is that wealth doesn’t necessarily mean a good and kind heart.

If you want to buy the latest mobile as soon as it hits the stores, you are free to do so as long as you can afford it. If you earn money then it is up to you to decide how to spend it. Sure, your parents can advise you but you make the ultimate decision. Thus if you want to spend your money on the latest devices or vehicles, you can freely do so.

However, keep in mind that just as you enjoy great luxury, there are people who can’t even live an ordinary three, or even two, meal a day life with clean clothes and a roof above their head. There are so many people in this world who need help and if you can help them, why not to do so?

Charity makes us good people and makes us feel pure, but more importantly, charity makes the life of another, the beneficiary, at least slightly better. So give. Give as much as you can, for when you give to another you will get happiness in return.