The basketball court at Gateway College, Colombo constructed using flooring material from Herculan

PCL Solutions, an industry trendsetter, has introduced a range of innovative flooring products to Sri Lanka. Accordingly, PCL tied up with Herculan – one of the most accredited manufacturers of flooring products from Holland to introduce a range of modern flooring products for Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and play safe flooring for kids’ play areas.

The flooring solutions were launched due to the increasing number of injuries seen and children being affected by playing on tar courts and also to prevent long-term injuries.

The Gateway College collaborated with PCL Solutions in constructing the first ever FIBA (International Basketball Federation) approved courts in Sri Lanka with the objective of providing state-of-the-art sporting facilities to students while ensuring safety.

Herculan flooring solutions are known for their safety standards and minimizing injuries on the field. Under this project, two outdoor basketball courts, in Gateway College, Colombo and Gateway College, Kandy were constructed. Further, the fully-fledged indoor sports complex of Gateway College, Dehiwala—a multiple complex comprising of netball, basketball and two badminton courts was refurbished using Herculan products.

“We at Gateway always pay attention to improve our facilities and making sure that students excel in sports. More importantly we want to ensure that the game can be played safe, which is why we thought of improving our courts to minimize injuries. There is a responsibility for schools and institutions in making sure that children are free from injuries while engaging in sports. In that sense I think Gateway has taken the lead and I believe other institutions will also follow,” said Harshana Perera, Headmaster of Gateway College, Rajagiriya.

As a result of the development of the basketball courts in Gateway Colleges, the Sri Lanka Basketball Association had the opportunity to host the 3×3 South Asian Basketball Association qualifier for the World tour at Gateway College, Rajagiriya—a testament to the high quality of these courts being done.
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