Abans, the sole agent for LG home appliances in Sri Lanka, has just launched LG Double Door Refrigerators with Door-in-Door feature which was hitherto unique only in LG Side-by-Side refrigerator models.

LG Door-in-Door Refrigerators feature a convenient third door, inset on the refrigerator door, which opens to a compartment for storing frequently used items and preventing the loss of up to 41% cold air by opening and closing the main refrigerator door.

Get more room, more convenience and more of what you want. When you choose an LG door-in-door refrigerator, apart from easy access to the things you use everyday, you’ll get innovative technology that not only helps keep your food at the peak of perfection, but also helps you save energy, as well as additional shelf space.

The LG Smart Inverter Compressor in LG Double Door, Door-in-Door refrigerators respond to variable load conditions by adjusting the cooling power for better energy efficiency. Cooling power is automatically controlled according to the inside and outside temperature conditions of the refrigerator saving up to 36% energy. And what’s more, the Inverter Compressor carries a 10 year warranty, so you are assured of absolute peace of mind for ten years and more.

The LG Smart Compressor makes your kitchen quiet. The Inverter Compressor can be adjusted to each level of temperature, so noise level can be controlled effectively day and night. The LED Lighting in the refrigerator is more energy efficient and has a longer life span than conventional bulb lighting. Multiple locations at the top of freezer and back of the refrigerator provide better illumination even when the refrigerator is loaded to full capacity. The special tempered glass shelves are strong and durable and can take heavy loads as much as 150kg.

It is very easy to forget food in your refrigerator. Food can get spoiled with bad health implications. Aimed at ensuring proper food hygiene, LG Hygiene Fresh+ helps keep food fresh for longer periods, as its Door-In-Door refrigerators automatically clean and purify its internal air, ensuring that the air inside is kept fresh and hygienic.

Hygiene Fresh is a five-stage filtering system with a fan that actively sucks in contaminated air from the refrigerator and sends it through the powerful filters. Hygiene Fresh™ works like an air purifier in the refrigerator, meaning food can breathe in cleaner air and stay fresh for longer periods. The unique air purifying system made with ginseng extract and with an independent anti-bacterial, dehumidifying, deodorizing fan exclusive to LG refrigerators, reduces dust, fungi-spore, bacteria, and odor through its 4 step filtration of active hygiene care.

LG Double Door, Door-in-Door Refrigerators are available from Abans Showrooms Island-wide.