Ministry of Health claims that there has been a significant reduction in dengue patients reported this year compared to that of last year.  According to the Ministry’s Director General of Health Services, Dr. Palitha Mahipala, there has been a reduction of 10,000 cases reported to them this year. In 2014, number of cases reported was 29,722 and in 2015 only 19,657 cases were reported. Deaths have also been declined from 71 to 36. He said that each and every death occurred due to dengue will be investigated to look for the exact cause.

The government declared September 10-16 as the ‘National Mosquito Prevention Week.’ In a special press briefing held on September 2(Wednesday), Dr. Mahipala mentioned that the government has allocated 250 million rupees to strengthen dengue prevention efforts.
“We have inspected one million houses and company premises with the help of Tri Forces, Police and the Civil Defense Force, as well as local authorities. This has reduced a considerable amount of dengue cases, reported since it prevented the disease from spreading. We intend to inspect another 600,000 premises from September 10-16,”he said.

The Director General also said that the Health Ministry has improved on human resources and also the facilities, especially the lab services for the dengue patients. He said that a huge investment is being made to improve the quality and facilities of the high dependency units to offer a more extensive care for the patients who suffer from complications.

Ministry officials requested the public to extend support to the officials who visit the households to inspect their premises during this period and to keep the surroundings clean by destroying mosquito breeding places.  “Legal action will be taken against those who do not cooperate,” he added.

He further mentioned that dengue prevention has become a foremost consideration of the government  ,and well-improved health services in all government hospitals will be available.