Test results of the contaminant from the Coca-Cola factory leak which was received by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NSWB) from India confirms that the leak was not of a diesel.

Speaking to The Nation, NSWB Chairman K. Alahudeen Ansar confirmed that the test results samples, of the contaminant which was collected at Ambatale and various places on the day of the leak, showed a methylene content of 0.5mg per liter.

“This is not diesel, neither is it kerosene,” he said. “The results indicate that an organic solvent was mixed with water which is the leak that was widely reported.”

When inquired of the toxicity of the contaminant, he replied that while the toxicity of it varies from compound to compound, organic solvents are not meant to be mixed with drinking water.

Meanwhile the Water Board is suing Coca-Cola beverages for an estimated Rs.131 million for damages and compensation for the disruption of water on both occasions.