Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage is the long-awaited new novel—a book that sold more than a million copies the first week it went on sale in Japan—from the award-winning, internationally best-selling author
Haruki Murakami.

Here he gives us the remarkable story of
Tsukuru Tazaki, a young man haunted by a great loss; of dreams and nightmares that have unintended consequences for the world around us; and of a journey into the past that is necessary to mend the present. It is a story of love, friendship, and heartbreak for the ages.

Author: Haruki Murakami
Amazon rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
Translated by Philip Gabriel
Published in 2013

“As we go through life we gradually discover who we are, but the more we discover, the more we lose ourselves.”

“You can hide memories, but you can’t erase the history that produced them.”

“One heart is not connected to another through harmony alone. They are, instead, linked deeply through their wounds. Pain linked to pain, fragility to fragility. There is no silence without a cry of grief, no forgiveness without bloodshed, no acceptance without a passage through acute loss. That is what lies at the root of true harmony.”

“Still, being able to feel pain was good… It’s when you can’t even feel pain anymore that you’re in real trouble.”

“Some things in life are too complicated to explain in any language.”

“No matter how honestly you open up to someone, there are still things you cannot reveal.”

“People whose freedom is taken away always end up hating somebody.”

“Never let fear and stupid pride make you lose someone who’s
precious to you.”

“No matter how quiet and conformist a person’s life seems, there’s always a time in the past when they reached an impasse. A time when they went a little crazy. I guess people need that sort of stage in their lives.”

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?
Not really. I’ve watched lots of good-for-nothing, worthless people die, and if people like that can do it, then I should be able to handle it.”