President Maithripala Sirisena making his policy statement of the Government at the Parliament said that the post conflict era is the most suitable time for Sri Lanka to work as a joint force to face all the internal and international challenges. He also invited all the political parties to end politics of conflict and extend a helping hand to strengthen the politics of consociation initiated by the government.

The President  assured to have a new political for the county and said that both the major political parties have ruled the country separately during last 67 years and this is the high time for a ruling by both the major parties together. President Sirisena introduced it as a national government and said that it would be immensely helpful to build reconciliation between the communities and speed up socio-economic progress to achieve human development targets set for 2020 and beyond.

The President assured that development programs by his government will be drafting following the election manifestos of UNP, UPFA, TNA and JVP. New electoral system via the proposed 20th Amendment also promised. Speaking about the foreign policy of the government, he said that it would be the principle of Asia-centric middle path. He further added that is ready to welcome the intellectuals who left the country on red carpet, if they are to be the partners of the country’s development.

“My government will continue to crackdown on corruption and punish those who exploit national resources no matter who they are and there will be no political interference in the appointment of officials,” he said.