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Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai proposed an international order without borders, as almost all the nations in the world are suffering with the issues of terrorism and extremism. Former President who experienced the danger of the terrorism in his country also suggested that the international community should consider the terrorism as well as the religious extremism as common threats in the world.

Former President Karzai made these observations while participating as the keynote Speaker at the inaugural session of the ‘Defence Seminar – 2015’ by Sri Lanka in Colombo.Sri Lanka Army has selected the theme ‘National Security in the Context of Emerging Global Threats,’ for the two-day seminar this year. Defence Ministry Secretary B. M. U. D. Basnayake delivered the introductory speech while Army Commander Lieut. Gen. Crishanthe de Silva delivered the welcome speech.

“There are only two options to be free from terrorist menace, either you have to return to the morality of international politics or you have to conduct your internal politics with high degree of morality. There will not be an end to terrorism and extremism as long as we do not look at terrorism as a common threat to the world order. It would not certainly end if some of us would say that it does not affect us. It is a collective urge if we were to get out of it,” he added.

He also identified the countries China, India and Russia as the remaining balance of power and highlighted the importance of consulting with them when international decision-making is done. He also mentioned that the present behavior of the United National Security Council is not up to the satisfaction of the world.

“Sri Lanka is a country which is very close to my heart and I wish Sri Lanka to be the most beautiful country in the world as it was capable of wiping out terrorism from her soil.”