Beliefs take real hard knockings to be changed. But anyone would expect Mahinda Rajapaksa would have learnt a hard lesson and he does no need anything worse to change his belief, but then, would he? Habits die hard. His absolute trust in astrologers and unashamed dependence on the charm he carried during the last election has become legend! Not to mention that they also became the butt-end of many a joke!

Though Sri Lankans are steeply entrenched in astrology they had enough evidence in the recent political scenario how untrustworthy it is. If someone is to say there are astrologers who predicted MR’s defeat it is a matter of 50/50 chances. Anyone could have been 50% right if they predicted MS’s victory.

Islam totally forbids astrology (not to be confused with astronomy – the study of universe, which Islam totally encourages) and in fact considers it to be a serious sin of making a mockery of God’s creative power. We are advised to trust in the power of the Creator (may translate loosely in other religions as Karma) which also partially depend on our own efforts. Do good and Allah will help you in everything is the simple rule.

Therefore, even at this late stage, where MR is adamant at not letting go of his political greed, at least if he will let go of his trust in astrology and work at building goodwill of people he may – just may – somewhat succeed in his ambitions. Will he?
Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai