Typically, people come to our lives because they have something to be achieved with our support. Deliberately or not, we deal with them sometimes just to fulfill their purposes. In this life, we keep on doing this thing constantly so it becomes a practice.

Not everyone treats you in the same cordial way. When we turn a blind eye to people’s personal traits, it widens their capacity to make us blind. This is how people turn to the worst; they don’t get a chance to place themselves on the beam because we don’t mind pointing out their shortcomings.

But when thinking about such nature of people, this can be simply called ‘taking advantage of someone’s silence.’ Some people choose to tolerate others’ weak points because they own some divine characteristics and not because they’re blind to the way they’re treated. They still want people to be grateful for them from within when they appear in front of them. They know how worthy respect becomes for a person to survive in this world without being cursed.

And sometimes, they make decisions of their lives being pressed by their excessively gentleman-like traits. At times they choose to settle for less than they deserve. But why? It’s when they just can’t make alterations in the path they’re used to following that they cannot make up their minds to insult that person who truly deserves such kind of treatment.

People have different traits. That’s the reason behind the choices they make. The fact that you’re allowed to make a choice means you are allowed to get what goes for you as you guess. We don’t always make choices for ourselves but for others too.

Such people are the ones who often settle for less than they deserve since they think of the community as a whole. More often than not, they get cheated and treated badly. So mind not being partial and not getting the proper and due respect at the moment you should get them. Because compliments are nothing but the room or the place you make for yourself in the community would remain vacant until you get there.

You shouldn’t just fade away, losing that gratitude of the world which is given only for those who dedicated their places on earth for others. And, without effort, they’re now placed somewhere else, in a divine room with walls that reverberate with what they did for the sake of others.