Sri Lanka Army is pleased and proud to announce that arrangements have been  finalized to hold the flagship project of the Army, ‘Defense Seminar – 2015’ during September 1 – 2,  2015 at the Colombo Galadari Hotel.

Themed on ‘National Security in the Context of Emerging Global Threats’, the two-day  forum, expected to be attended by hosts of reputed and eminent scholars of both national and  international fame, is designed to exchange a wide gamut of issues of security significance for the

purpose of devising collective strategies, generating all possible formulas for a stable security  environment of regional and international dimension during the sessions.  This year’s seminar, fifth in sequel, segmented on the directions of the Commander of the
Army is to be addressed by more than 20 guest speakers of high caliber of intellect and recognition under several major themes in the context of terrorism and other threats of different nature.

Defense Seminar - 2015