Dr. Nimal Punyasiri, Director Research and Development at Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd, handing the Rathmal baby soap to Priyantha Perera, Sales Consultant

Rathmal Baby Soap, the ideal product to wash away microbes from babies is now available at stores island-wide. Since ancient times, Rathmal immersed in water, has been the norm for mothers to bathe their babies in. The use of Rathmal to destroy germs has been proven, since the time of our ancestors.

Manufactured and distributed by Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd (NBC), the parent company of Nature’s Secrets, Rathmal baby soap brings in knowledge which has come down for generations along with modern technology. Nature’s Secrets – Panda Baby, which is at the forefront of research into plant based personal care products, is the only privately owned company in Sri Lanka, to have established a Plant Research Centre and a Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.

Nature’s Secrets, brings in the scientific fusion of Sri Lanka’s ancient medicine, coupled with modern day laboratory research in order to introduce innovative products to the market. Rathmal baby soap, a product tailored to get rid of germs, is yet another novelty, manufactured by NBC.

“The ancient belief of Rathmal being the perfect source to get rid of germs, after many years of research has just been proven scientifically,” commented Dr. Nimal Punyasiri, Director Research and Development at NBC.

Priyantha Perera, Sales Consultant at NBC said, “We see great potential for Rathmal baby soap in the market. This product has no animal oil and is the only soap in the market which has Rathmal extract”. He further noted that, Rathmal baby cream will be introduced to the market very soon.