Pearson Limited which conducts the Edexcel examinations, in a letter addressed to the lawyer of Sri Lanka student Rashni Rukshala Hewawasam has flatly denied all claims that the British owned examinations provider had altered the students A’ Level results.
A letter of demand from the Mather & Ramanathan office was sent on behalf of their client, a former student of Colombo International School. The letter denotes that the student intends on suing Pearson and two other defendants including her school for a sum of two million sterling pounds.

The letter cites that both the Colombo International School and Pearson Limited for ‘disrupting her education and destroying her future’. The letter cites that her school had purposely prevented the student from enrolling at the St. Hilda’s College, Oxford and Pearson had intentionally manipulated her examination’s results.

Pearson, however, has replied in the letter to the student citing that there were several factual misunderstandings in the students claims stating that the Candidates Statement of Provisional Results (CSPR) are computer generated and bear no signatures.

Responding to claims that the Pearson had altered the students’ results online, Pearson has requested that the student authenticate her claims by at least providing screenshots of the alleged result change.

In conclusion Pearson also denotes that the student had not adequately explained how the student’s failure to be selected to pursue her studies at St. Hilda’s College is connected to the actions of Pearson. “The actions or omissions of Pearson have no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the client’s application to St. Hilda’s College…” the letter reads.