When Colombo city was painted ‘Red’ one year ago, it was undoubtedly the trailblazing of a new chapter in the country’s tourism industry. Cinnamon Red opened its portals to the world as the first lean luxury hotel in South East Asia, pioneering some industry firsts for Sri Lanka and a completely new lifestyle experience in city hospitality. Based on the ethos of empowering the contemporary traveller, Cinnamon Red’s lean luxury concept combined with a unique persona, ambience and product offerings was aimed at raising benchmarked aspirations of the new age traveller.

Ecstatic at having completed an exciting first year, General Manager Terrence Fernando believes strongly that Cinnamon Red unequivocally transformed the quintessence of travel for today’s traveller whose needs are discerning, detailed and exact.

“It really has been a fabulous year for Cinnamon Red and also for Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts as well, given that we introduced this unique concept of lean luxury to South East Asia. The success in just one year is well evidenced in the above average occupancy rates, (including 100% occupancy in just three months since inception)) and the impressive ratings we continued to garner in guest satisfaction,” Fernando noted.

“The fact that we have very successfully bridged luxury and affordability with intuitive service, modern technology and a range of facilities is undoubtedly an experience that no other city hotel has imparted.” He adds that welcoming the very first guest to Cinnamon Red with not only smiles but a hospitable spread of traditional sweetmeats complete with a Cinnamon Red twist, was certainly an indelible memory.

Collating a number of accolades within just one year in operation, Cinnamon Red proudly held aloft the award as the Best New Hotel of the Year in the mid-market segment at the 11th Hotel Investment Conference – South Asia held in New Delhi. The hotel was also conferred the laurels of being among the Top 10 properties on TripAdvisor and sitting proudly at the helm as ‘number one’ on the booking engines, Agoda and

Reiterating its status as a trailblazer, Cinnamon Red has launched some conversation starters. In fact, the entire look and feel of the hotel’s architecture is about infusing modern creativity. The contemporary graffiti done by five Sri Lankan artists running across the multiple-story length of its car park is a good example. The magnificent panoramic views of the city are brilliantly portrayed through the extensive canvases of exterior glass walls, while living spaces are bold and avant-garde.

From its infinity pool adjacent to Cloud Red right atop the city, to its Flavoured and Stirred restaurants, the hotel has pulled out all the stops when it comes to serving up some entertaining fare. The New Year’s Party is a case in point, as was the strong hues of red in Christmas festivities that seemed to swathe the city.

General Manager Terrence Fernando
General Manager Terrence Fernando