III to support SLII to enhance Insurance education

A high ranking team from the Insurance Institute of India (III) visited Sri Lanka recently. The Team comprised P Venugopal (Secretary General) and Dr George Thomas (Professor research and Non Life).

A Mukherjee (Director), B S Rathaur (Secretary), N D Kokare (Secretary) and Kartik Pande, 1st Secretary-High Commission of India also joined for the discussions. Representing the Sri Lanka Insurance Institute, Thusitha Nandasiri (President), Pubudu Wimalaratne (Vice President), Asoka Sirisena (Secretary), Sanjiv Keerthiratne (Immediate past president) and Udeni Kiridena (Chief Executive Officer) joined for the discussions on exploring the possibilities of enhancing the insurance education and development of the Insurance knowledge in the industry.

The legendary Insurance personality Chandra Schaffter, Sathish Babuthe CEO of Life Insurance Corporation of Sri Lanka (LIC) and Harvind Singh of LIC also participated at the discussions.

The two institutes will work closely to develop methods to enhance insurance education in Sri Lanka and thereby create more insurance professionals to face the challenges of tomorrow.