DFCC Bank, the country’s leading development bank and its commercial arm DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB), introduced Bancassurance to offer their customers a combined banking and insurance solution. The Bancassurance product provides the Bank’s customers with a solution that seamlessly delivers insurance services. All Bancassurance products are being facilitated in collaboration with leading insurance companies and assure customers of convenience, flexibility and a variety of services and products. Now customers can purchase Life and General insurance covers at any DFCC and DVB branch, and can also select their preferred payment schemes. Customers also have the choice of obtaining their insurance either through leading insurance brokerage firms.

Through this new Bancassurance solution, DFCC and DVB will add value to the product offering and provide customers with greater transactional flexibility and convenience. It is with this intention the two banks have partnered with leading insurance companies in Sri Lanka, to provide customers with a fully integrated banking and insurance product. The introduction of Bancassurance is one of many ways that DFCC and DVB are striving to enhance their overall product offering. The Bancassurance solution provides customers of both banks with enhanced access to a variety of quality insurance products. The arrangement enables both DFCC and DVB to offer their customers convenient access to a multitude of individual and corporate banking and insurance solutions.

Also, this strategically created product will enable customers to obtain direct access to high quality insurance products.

Bancassurance will provide a “one-stop shop” solution for customers and will enable them to access insurance when banking with ease. DFCC and DVB are always looking for new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of the extensive customer base and continuously strive to provide customers with innovative, affordable and practical solutions.

DFCC and DVB have partnered with AIA Insurance and Union Assurance as well as with Insurance Brokers such as Delmage Insurance Brokers, Commercial Insurance Brokers and Reliance Insurance Brokers to offer customers solutions that will cater to all insurance needs.