Do you consider yourself a pro at video games? Then would you mind answering this very simple question? ‘What is the very first video game ever created?’

Super Mario? Ping-Pong? I am pretty sure you did not come up with an answer.

games (10)There you have it, ladies and gentleman; the worlds’ first video game; Noughts and Crosses also known as OXO. The name does not make any sense though it is considered to be the very first program to run on an electronic graphical display.

It was created in 1952 by Alexander S Douglas for the EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) computer at the Cambridge University. It is said to use a rotary telephone controller for game control.

Sprites (Two dimensional video games)games (9)
Later on, as time passed ‘sprites’ were used in video gaming (Not the kind that we are fond of drinking). When it comes to video game graphics, a sprite can simply be described as a two dimensional image which can be moved around or can be interacted with. Games like Super Mario is the most famed two dimensional game of all time.

It is hard to deny that sprites are used in the modern day games. Even in the 21st century, games like ‘Angry Birds’ are held in high esteem by the gamers for its’ simplicity of two dimension sprites and addictive game-play.

Three dimensional games

When moving further with the evolution of games we meet the first successful three dimensional video game; Battle-zone. Created in the year 1980, this arcade or perhaps coin-op (coin operated entertainment machine) shooting game was created from the first person view. It may not seem like much for the new generation, but in the era this game was released it became so popular that it was used by the military as a targeting training program for gunners.

The third dimension became a trend among gamers, and the new age of gaming dawned. Many successful games were produced within this period; games like Wolfenstein 3D, Half-life, Doom and Quake were regarded as the best  3D FPS (first person shooter) games of its’ time.

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HD video games
When we look at the present day, we can probably see that gaming has evolved beyond imagination, from 8 bit pixels to stunning high definition (HD) games. In the past, video games did not require a lot of computer performance, due to the fact that they did not possess highly advanced imagery. Now that video games are much more realistic and virtual than our atmosphere, we do have to agree that it consumes a lot of computer performance.

To play such games you need to have a computer that meets with the games minimum system specifications. And these specifications are basically system RAM (Random Access Memory),VGA (Video Graphics Array) , system processor, hard disk space and the operating system. This may seem all like gibberish for computer novices out there, but I assure you I will be talking about these in the future. Now let’s stick to the point.

2.5 dimensional games
A three dimensional image restricted to a two dimensional plane can be expressed as the 2.5 dimension. It is not technically possible in the practical world though it is possible in a video game.

games (3)Games like ‘Ori and the blind forest’ (above) have used highly advanced three dimensional imaging but the field of view is limited to only the second dimension.

4K, 12K and 3D gaming
This is as far as it gets when it comes to video games. Before proceeding I would like to introduce the letter ‘K’ in this case. ‘K’ comes from the Greek ‘Kilo’, which also means a thousand. Even in video games and movies, the letter ‘K’ is used instead, to avoid confusion when it comes to large numbers of zeros.

games (12)

If you guessed 4K is 4,000, you own a prize my friend. To be frank it is actually 4096. But I will not be talking about these confusing numbers in the midst of video gaming. Just keep in mind that 4K is UHD or ultra high definition. And it is far better than high definition, and 3D gaming is all about wearing a 3D glass and enjoying a realistic game-play.

So you might be wondering; ‘If 4K is UHD what on earth is 12K’ The answer is simple; having three 4K display screens.
Now, now don’t get warmed up because there are only a few gaming computers in the world with the system specifications to run video games on this much high resolution. And the average cost is approximately 17,000 US Dollars. Which is roughly 2,300,000 (23 lakhs) Sri Lankan rupees when converted.

I hope that was brief enough for starters, since these are just the basics for video gaming. Would you be surprised, if I told you that, as a planet we spend an approximate value of three billion hours per week for video gaming?

Source: Wikipedia