The project company of the Colombo Port City, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) last week said that it would supervise the production of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) report following the inability of the relevant government agencies to fund the process.

The interim government had previously directed the company to upgrade some of the environmental reports related to the project to a supplemental EIA in order to append the existing EIA.

“Under our agreement with GoSL (Government of Sri Lanka), this is the responsibility of the supervising government agency,” the CHEC said. Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and the Urban Development Authority (UDA) are the said government agencies that were to oversee the production of the EIA report.

“As there is a transition between SLPA and UDA at the moment, both agencies have expressed reluctance to fund the report. In view of this, the project company has agreed to supervise the production of the report and fund it in the interest of expediency,” it said. Construction of the Port City has been temporarily halted since March this year. The company stated that it was incurring a daily loss of US$ 380,000 due to the stoppage.