Bank of Ceylon last week said it has continued its growth course in first half of 2015 with Profit After Tax (PAT) recording a 8% growth to Rs.6.7 billion while Profit Before Tax (PBT) achieving a 6% growth over the previous year to Rs.9.1 billion.

The Group reported Rs.9.0 billion PBT resulting in 5% growth over the corresponding period of the previous year and the Bank dominates the results of the Group accounting for 96% of total earnings and 97% of the Group’s assets.

Total operating income for the period stood at Rs.31 billion and shows a 24% increase which has been accelerated through 52% growth in net interest income and 53% growth in other operating income. Net interest income has increased due to higher interest income complemented by a 12% reduction in interest expenses depicting a greater efficiency in deposit mix management by the Bank which has contributed to improve the Net Interest Margin (NIM) by 36% to 3.4% on YoY basis.