It’s over three years (died in July, 2012) since Mrs. Deepthi De Silva, wife of my former boss, a senior executive in a state corporation, passed away after a terminal disease. Yet it was like yesterday after I saw her last.

My boss was more a friend than a boss and that made me move with his family as well. Sober in habits and being kind-hearted Mrs. Silva would always welcome the visitors to her residence, be it for any reason.

Every time I visited them one thing I noted was the attention and the care she had for her two sons, one of whom is studying in York University, Canada and the other working as Manager in a leading logistic company.

Mrs. Silva was a past student of Good Shepherd Convent, Colombo, where she got through her AL successfully and entered the Colombo Campus and graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in 1982. Thereafter she followed the AMI Montessori Diploma Course at St Bridget’s Convent having successfully completed it served at the College itself for some time. She also followed a ‘Food and Safety Hygiene Course’ conducted by the University of Auckland.

Mrs. Silva was one of the Directors in the pioneer automotive engineering company popularly known as Augustine Motors (Pvt) Ltd at Maradana. She was a perfect administrator and was generous as well towards the employees.

It was with the children’s future in mind that the family moved to New Zealand from where they again migrated to Canada. Mrs. Silva was able to maintain a good rapport with the neighborhood, specially attending to social requirements, as told to me by my boss. In her leisure time, she would make delicious cakes and enjoy with the neighbors, thus becoming ‘Cake Aunty’ to the children there.

Being a devout Christian she was very much attached to the Church close by and never missed to receive the Blessings of the Father very often.

It was there she developed the terminal disease and despite of best medical treatment she was turning worse and thereafter was brought to Colombo. Sri Lankan doctors too tried their best to save her but the cruel death had no mercy towards her.

Her demise pushed the family into great sorrow and specially the two young boys who were attached to her had no end to their tears. May God give the necessary strength and courage to Noel de Silva, my boss, to carry on their life as death is inevitable to all human beings. May her soul rest in peace!
Nazly Cassim