A couple who tried to flee after allegedly defrauding over Rs.3 million from prospective job-seekers have been arrested by police in Wilgamuwa.

Police Media Unit said Wilgamuwa police acted on a tip-off received over the 119 hotline that an individual was trying to leave his residence with the money collected from people who had been promised overseas jobs by him.

Officers who arrived at the location arrested a husband and wife aged 33 and 27 years respectively. According to police, they had collected money from people after promising to provide them jobs as bodyguards of VIPs in Dubai.

Wilgamuwa police had received 22 complaints against the couple.

The total value of the defrauded amount is Rs. 30,60,000 according to investigations. Police had also found 28 passports belonging to other people from the suspects’ possession.

The suspects were produced before the Naula Magistrate’s Court and remanded in custody till August 28. Wilgamuwa police are investigating.