Nepalese protesters walk past shuttered shops during a strike

Protesters torched homes and clashed with police in western Nepal on Tuesday, a day after an 18-month-old boy and seven police died in violent demonstrations against a new constitution.

Hundreds of demonstrators vandalized buildings in the town of Tikapur, 420 km west of Kathmandu, defying an indefinite curfew imposed after protesters attacked police with spears, axes and knives.

“Small clashes have occurred today with a few groups defying the curfew,” said Dhan Bahadur Kathayat, deputy superintendent of Tikapur police.

“They torched a couple of houses, but our teams have put out the fires,” Kathayat told AFP.

Police said they were taken by surprise by the scale of the violence on Monday, when demonstrators turned on security forces, killing seven and prompting the government to send troops to the area.

The 18-month-old son of paramilitary officer Netra Bahadur Saud was also killed when protesters opened fire at his home in Tikapur, but police said there were no casualties among the demonstrators.

Anger has been building for weeks in parts of Nepal after lawmakers struck a breakthrough deal on a new constitution, spurred by April’s devastating earthquake. (AFP)