Department of Elections has already informed UNP Colombo District candidate Rosy Senanayake that her request for a recount of preferential votes in Colombo District cannot be met as the law doesn’t provide necessary provisions for it.

The Commissioner of Elections has written to Mrs Senanayake and informed that the elections were held according to the Parliament Elections Act (No. 1 of 1981) and according to the clause 53 (8) of this Act, the request for a recount must be done before the counting officer makes a written statement of the number of votes obtained by each candidate.

Further, the Commissioner has also shown that the maximum number of recounts should not exceed two and therefore, such a request should have come before the counting officer signed the papers.

Senanayake received 65,320 preferential votes at the August 17 General Elections and she was on the top of the UNP losers’ list in the district.