Who exactly are the ‘international community’ and how powerful are they? To answer that all you need is an enemy national leader and then watch how a well planned attack takes place from all corners using every tool, method and tactic available to completely destroy the credibility of the leader internationally and completely purge him from the people as a write-off. Unfortunately, the methods used in the case of Mahinda Rajapaksa had not worked out as planned and the international community remains not only puzzled, but completely blown apart by the magnitude of the manner in which people are rallying behind a former President eight months after his defeat. No other living leader has had the affection that Mahinda Rajapaksa commands.

Who are these powerful entities that we know as the ‘international community’?
• They are the western super powers and their allies : US, UK, EU, Australia, India, Japan, US-friendly Muslim nations, the Vatican

• Human Rights Organizations – HRW, Amnesty International, ICG, Asian Centre for Human Rights,

• Think tanks – CFR, NED, Heritage Foundation, Open Society,

• UN : UN Secretary General and all UN associated agencies

• Mainstream media under corporate control of West : CNN, BBC, NDTV, New York Times, The Guardian, Telegraph

• Their local agents funded by above to carry out their objectives : Centre for Policy Alternatives, Transparency International, Sri Lanka Bar Association and National Peace Council

• Foreign envoys of these countries stationed in Sri Lanka

There are thousands of other associated names all of which find roots somehow to some key entity/individual or government that discretely funds them to be used to advance their agendas under the cover of humanitarian, relief, ‘democracy’ rights advocates ect. Their slogans are catchy, they preach as if they are so virtuous and angelic, but beneath it all they carry out a very sinister campaign.

How does all this relate to Sri Lanka? To understand this we need to see the connectivity of these bloc nations and the power they wield together. India started terrorism. Such clandestine training in this country would have had the knowledge and silent approval of the British. Once terrorism was launched in Sri Lanka the fact that arms, ammunition and propaganda were all steered from Western capitals also showed that the tacit approval of the West for terror prevailed. Apart from a handful of arrests to mark that the West was sincere about war against terror, nothing much has been done even with a UNSC Resolution banning LTTE fronts in force.

It is also good to note the reactions of the West and their response. Nothing much other than reporting took place throughout the beeshana (Terror) years of 1980s-1990s when UNP and JVP together massacred scores of Sinhalese. Nothing much was said except reporting the deaths from LTTE bombs/suicide missions. The LTTE were never referred to as terrorists. Nothing much was said against CBK or Ranil in the manner they led the country. It became quite interesting to see a shift in the aggressive coverage attributed to Mahinda Rajapaksa ever since he became President in 2005.

What he said, did not say, should have said, who he met, did not meet all became an issue to the entities above. They were 24×7 glued to Mahinda Rajapaksa so much so that even if he sneezed it was determined as a national virus!

All that is well and fine if the allegations, accusations, commentaries or even analysis have been fair and equally and consistently directed at all parties. But when it is only diverted with venom against one single isolated individual it is unfair.  The critics of Rajapaksa haven’t played with a straight bat and they have behaved ungentlemanly given that they themselves value fair play.

Returning to the CHANGE that they funded and covertly planned over a few years leading to the January 2015 elections, it was hoped that the very slogans they helped drill into the minds of the 62 lakhs that voted for CHANGE, would question the very coalition that promises good governance. The good governance started with bad governance when a Presidential Election ended up not only electing a President, but bringing the minority Opposition into power and placing the Opposition Leader as Prime Minister without removing the sitting legal PM. That kick-started an ugly eight month period of governance which led to unexpected Parliamentary elections. This happened before the unelected PM could be impeached over scams he was sweeping under the carpet.

Yet the virtuous global entities haven’t protested against these illegalities, irregularities and what’s unconstitutional. That is strange because if Mahinda Rajapaksa did something questionable the entire world would have pounced on him.

This highlights the hypocrisies involved and underscores that these global entities are mere puppets used by those in power to swing people’s sentiments and steer their opinion to adjust and align with their agendas. Those paid employees of these entities are mere spokesmen paid to follow their objectives therefore they are just mumbling what they are paid to publicly promote.

Yahapalana misadventures
• Appointment of Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister without removing sitting Prime Minister – not a single person questioned the validity of the appointment

• Appointment of the Chief Justice without giving show cause to CJ Pieris or following due process to impeach him. In the case of CJ Bandaranayake a process was followed though the above entities championed her case. Why are they not doing the same for CJ Pieris?

• Bringing the Central Bank & Securities & Exchange Commission under the PM – which has never been done previously

• Appointment of a foreigner as Central Bank Governor – none of the above mentioned media even wrote about it or linked his connections to the LTTE linked Raj Rajaratnam now in a US prison

• Creation of the FCID and bringing that under the control of the Prime Minister resulting in political motivated arrests and questioning – not a word has been uttered about this authoritative creation

• Central Bank Bond Scam – no news reports of the Governor being accused of the same insider trading for which his friend is now in a US prison.

• TNA claiming to separate endorsing same on their manifestos – if Western countries were for a country without division they would reprimand the TNA for dividing the communities.

• Sudden sacking of the General Secretaries of the SLFP and UPFA by the President of Sri Lanka – not a hum by the above world entities as to the lack of good governance being practiced.

• Sudden sacking of 25 SLFP Committee Members on election day – not a word reported by the world media and no objections whatsoever Good governance cannot be based on hypocrisies and selective justice