For some people reality became illusion and for others illusion became reality.

What happened
Though Mahinda lost, Wimal did not. So may I say that Wimal is a bitterer enemy to Mahinda than Maithri or that Wimal got his revenge against Mahinda?

That is gambling
Mahinda knew Wimal’s mind but did not think or care about it. That is gambling.

Sannasgala gave the same lecture to which he used to give at his A/Level classes to the public. So the general public understood that Sanna was no better than an A/Level teacher. I therefore say this to Sanna – though you are teaching students, learn from people.

Live tragedies
We do not need to go to the theatre to watch tragedies. An election is one in itself.

What to do
Mahinda is a hero and at the same time a gambler.

Multiple sins
Gambling is a sin. Politics also is a gamble. But it is associated with multiple sins including lying, deceiving, theft, and what-not.

My prediction
I told earlier that this would be an election where both Mahinda and Sarath would lose. I think I was right. I now have to decide who the worst loser is.

Idle life
Mahinda, Sarath, and Gota are real leaders and very useful people for the nation. But now they have to lead an idle life. This was because of their enmity towards one another. So, first of all, we have to learn to get rid of our childish thoughts before deciding to undertake bigger projects.

 Easy to talk about the past
I have talked about the past here because I am not sure about the future. I propose that we think about the future of the country, not about the future of Mahinda, Sarath, Ranil, or any other.

Patriots, can you listen to me?
I am telling these patriots to please prove your patriotism by doing some other thing than talking about Tigers and Eelam. There is so much more to be done.

The future
Talking about the Tigers means talking about the past. An easy thing to do. Therefore, let’s think about the future.