75-year-old Cyril Gunapla, a former confidant of Chandrika has got a diplomatic posting as the Minister  to Canberra, High Commission for the 2nd time after a cabinet paper put up by the Foreign Minister  Samaraweera.  Letter of appointment was signed end June, 2015 in Colombo.

He is a former government servant who got a political diplomatic posting in 2004 or 2005 under  Chandrika along with Kusumsiri Balapatabendi’s appointment as High
Commissioner. This posting was given to him to educate his daughter in Canberra. After his term of two years, he came back leaving  behind the daughter in Canberra. Now that Chandrka is in power, Gunapala is going back to Canberra in Australia after 10 years to  the same place to look after his daughter and grandchildren and provide housing to the family. His  Peradeniya University Alumni son-in-law Solanggakkara is an anti-Rajapaksa activist in Australia.  Is this what Mangala Samaraweera preached and promised as his correct way of managing foreign  service wasting valuable taxpayers’ money in foreign exchange.

The President, Foreign Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister must give an answer as to whether this  appointment could be justified in relation to allegations of previous government of wrong foreign service appointments.