Mobitel has equipped Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd a fully-fledged employee and sub-contractor Data Management Solution that assists in accumulating and maintaining employee personal and attendance records in a private cloud with maximum confidentiality. This simple, yet holistic system will be a gigantic step towards revolutionizing the way employee data is stored, accessed, managed and shared amongst the stakeholders of the construction industry in Sri Lanka.  Mobitel will facilitate the NFC powered ID cards associated with the Data Management Solution, which provides secure direct linkage between company employee IDs and personal profiles stored in the cloud.

Apart from the reliability and privacy it extends for the maintenance of personal records of Sanken’s employees and sub-contractors, the cloud based platform also ensures continuous visibility. This enables Sanken’s HR team to monitor the movement of employees between project sites spread across the country, and even internationally.

As the technologically efficient platform holds every past employment record pertaining to all Sanken construction projects, it will add value to the streamlining of employee recruitment processes when employees are transferred from one project to another. The system thereby allows the management of Sanken to analyse and validate the service history of employees while safeguarding the mutual interests of both employer and employee at the optimal level.

“This innovative solution will undoubtedly transform the internal mechanisms of Sanken and other construction businesses across the country that seeks to increase and improve on the efficiency of human and capital resource management in an efficient and uninterrupted manner.

Moreover, the reliability and convenience that the solution provides guarantees satisfaction and will be adopted by many more businesses in the near future,” Mobitel Chief Executive Officer, Ranjith G. Rubasinghe commented.

“A complete data management system such as this not only provides ease in tracking employment records, but it also helps us gauge the skill level of our employees and subcontractors as well as their loyalty towards the company and the industry at large. The construction business is one of the most challenging fields to manage, but with efficient technologies many of our processes could be simplified without difficulty,” Sanken Construction Managing Director, Ranjith Gunatilleke stated.