Razmal Assen (left) Bussiness Development Manager/Scanwell Logistics Colombo, presenting the sponsorship cheque to Jhonie de Saram head of Royal Colombo Golf Club

Young golfers in Sri Lanka are in line for more tournaments to follow during this year and it will only enhance their skills that can reach the higher levels. With this in mind another Junior Golf Tournament is to be held at the Ridgeways course on 28th August with the support of Scanwell Logistics Colombo Private Limited.

This tournament will be an open event for boys and girls and will be conducted in three age categories: under-11, 14 and 18 years. The inaugural Junior Golf Tournament, also sponsored by Scanwell Logistics Colombo, was held last year with 85 participants. Darren Hall won the under-18 Gold Division championship Trophy with an aggregate of 72 points.
It is a great opportunity for Scanwell to showcase this by sponsoring the Junior Golf Tournament for the second year at the RCGC, together with the well wishes Adam Ho chairman Scanwell Logistics and Andy Anderson Managing Director Scanwell Logistics, who are also avid golfers.