Nowadays from the time we wake up till we go to bed, we are chatting with someone or other. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are very common among the youth. In the past 10 years the number of SMS chatting has increased.

Instant messaging is a way of easy communication. Without disturbing others we can chat. We can save time and penny as well. An instant message can be read anywhere and at any time.

Even if the receiver is in a meeting or at school they can reply when they are free. The typing doesn’t take space because SMS language is written in shortened versions of words. For example, for is 4 and as soon as possible is ASAP.

Smileys have made it even easier to express our feelings. Without typing the whole sentence we can just send a single face. And also it’s easy to understand. We also can see when they received the message and when the message is read.

However, the youth has been effected by the usage of what is called SMS language. Spelling mistakes and tenses are the basic errors. In the majority of college students they have found grammatical errors. In SMS language they are not keen about grammar or punctuation. Even the students who are bright in language are also making silly mistakes by using SMS language.

They may be simple mistakes but grammar, which is the foundation of the language, should be strong. And language is the most essential subject for all of us. If we master language we can be confident to speak with anyone in this world.

Nevertheless we as youth have to change the root of spoiling our future with SMS language. If we try as a team than individuals we can make a big difference. The SMS language is easy at the moment to chat with our friends and family but it can lead to communicational errors.

We use SMS to communicate with each other. But nowadays there are voice recording apps as well, in which we can send the message by recording the audio. We also can send messages in full wording instead of shortened words, because shortened words can lead to misunderstandings as well.

Feelings can never be felt by SMS, because when we are talking on the phone we can hear the voice and can feel the emotions.

But it can never be felt while reading messages. When we write letters we feel and write because writing takes time and the effort is put in to writing the letter. In SMS we send whenever we have our phone in our hand so basically anytime and from anywhere.

The person could be feeling something and he/she may send something different. It could lead to the misunderstanding of the emotions and understanding of emotions is important when it comes to communication. Without understanding the reaction of the other person we can never understand the dialog.

Everything has limits. We should know to use within the limits rather than getting addicted. Using SMS is helpful for travelers and busy people. Without waiting for the receiver to answer the call, can send simple SMS to pass the message.

We also can send jokes and funny messages to make others happy, because words can be short yet the meaning is big. Sharing quotes is very popular among SMS users. Different categories are there from life to death. Everything has quotes. This can be shared through an instant message.

SMS language has a big effect on our speaking skills and writing skills as well. So it is our responsibility to make our future generation speak fluent English and to write without silly mistakes.  After all the language is the way to reach out to the world.