“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.”

This is an excerpt of the poem ‘Leisure’ by the poet, William Henry Davies. The poem elaborates the importance of having a leisure time while enhancing that people should spend their freetime outdoors while admiring the nature.

Today, most of the people lead hectic lives and they don’t have any freetime even to talk to their friends, to appreciate the work of art, to live with nature, to observe animals, to do reading etc. Most of the lives are spent as machines. And at present social media has already become a vital part during the spare time of the people.

Before talking about leisure time activities, it is much more important to ponder whether you really have a leisure time apart from the continuous studies that you ought to do. Otherwise if you also lead a monotonous life, you will get bored. So, it is much more significant to allocate a little time to do a leisure activity while managing your time properly in a balanced way giving priority to your studies.

But if you just idle while sleeping during your leisure time you are just a killer of time and creativity. As children you should engage in some useful leisure activities. Because leisure activities bring relief to your busy minds while letting you to relax.

How do you spend your leisure time? After doing your school work, you get a leisure time. Apart from the academics, there should be more emphasis on doing any leisure activity. Because while engaging in leisure activities the hidden talents can be discovered, developing your skills.

How many of you spend your leisure time by collecting things? During your leisure time you can collect various things like stickers, sea shells, stamps, newspaper articles etc. That is a very good way of spending your leisure. Philately means searching facts regarding stamps and studying about stamps. As stamp collectors (Philatelists), you can gather various details about stamps and postal service around the world.

Not only that you can also do some handicrafts and make various cards for your friends’ birthdays and for various other occasions. Gradually you will become creative and motivated to enhance your creativity. You will gain self- satisfaction too by looking at your own work. Such leisure activities will reduce the stress and keep your mind active and creative.

Not only that, leisure activities like sewing, making creations, birthday cards and other handicrafts will be financially beneficial because you will be able to earn money too.

Reading also helps you to spend your leisure in a better way. You can read novels, storybooks, magazines and newspapers or read whatever you find interesting, funny and important also online by browsing various websites. During your leisure time you can also arrange your bookshelf, clean your room.

You also can review the activities planned and see how far you have been successful to accomplish your goals during the leisure time. If you want to become a writer oneday you can read books and try to write whatever that comes to your mind in your freetime.If you want to become an engineer or a scientist, you can make various things and experiment them.

It is really important to spend your leisure by following some activities that are far more beneficial.

During your leisure time you can also do gardening while planting and watering them. The happiness you gain by seeing the plants that grow and the flowers that bloom will be immense. Some people who love the nature also observe birds and other animals during their leisure time.

Engaging in sports and games is also much more important. During your leisure hours you can maintain your body fitness while staying outside other than sitting in room and doing continous studies.

No matter if you also watch a movie, a cartoon during your leisure if you are careful enough not to sit for long hours in front of the screen.