My congratulations to the Nation
For annexing a merit award,
A richly deserved reward,
For being the best designed newspaper
The paper that has come with a bang
To offer and proffer news and views
For the reading pleasure of the masses
She’s very young and indeed pretty;
Colorfully, nattily dressed attracting
The attention of the would-be readers
She’s vibrant, she’s dynamic, courageous
To say what she wants to say
In her own little way
To one and all and call
A spade a spade in language simple
Come what may.
That’s the Nation; she has a style
Captained by the editor whose versatility
Drives his efficient staff to propel
The Nation to win accolades
And achieve greater heights.
The Nation’s sister Rivira
Also boasts with feathers in her cap;
Winning two merit awards
We, the readers, outside your domain,
Acclaim and offer congratulations
To the two sisters a bright future
And the staff the best in every thing.

M Azhar Dawood