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Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday inaugurated construction work on a $10 billion nuclear power plant in Karachi. The Karachi Nuclear Power Plant II (Kanupp II) with the capacity to produce 1,100 MW electricity is being built with the assistance of China, which has become the biggest investor in energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

“This project is an example of the healthy friendship between Pakistan and China. We are thankful for the continued support of Pakistan by the Chinese government,” Mr. Sharif said.

He also congratulated the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission on the timely start of the project after its foundation was laid in November 2013.

Built for an estimated cost of $10 billion, the project was in the spotlight due to opposition by civil society activists who alleged that it was being built in violation of environmental laws. The start of work on Kanupp II will pave the way for the construction of Kanupp III, also with a planned capacity to produce 1,100 MW, to be built with Chinese help.

The groundbreaking of Kanupp III was performed in 2013 along with Kanupp II.                (The Hindu)