Twenty girls and boys completed a four-day Career Guidance Program (CGP), organised by CandleAid Lanka which runs so many diversified projects to help people in need.
The participants came from all corners of the island. Most were reading degrees and sponsored by CandleAid for their uni-education. Dialog very generously gifted a state-of-the-art venue, and the curriculum was designed and delivered by Forte. Citi Bank NY funded the project.

They came, they saw and they conquered the fear of English, and laid foundations to improve themselves in the ever difficult paradox of facing interviews. No, it was not English they learnt, but self-belief, resulting in confidence which is certainly a vital beginning for bigger challengers.

The main obstacle the students lamented was the lack of English at home. Nobody to talk to and no body to learn from. Well!  As one guest speaker said, “Sanath Jayasuriya’s father did not play cricket nor did Susanthika’s mother ran the 100 meters.” 90
On the final day, the students gave presentations in English. They had the confidence to express, courage to believe in themselves, and stood up like Trojans going to battle against the life-long hurdle – The English Language.

Some companies with great generosity have promised internships to these students. That is the biggest encouragement, just the opportunity to go into a reputed office and see what it is all about. Perhaps a chance to impress a superior and gain employment which will be nothing less than a distant dream come true.
The next course will start soon for another 20 students. Those who are interested please contact Dhananath on 0775080256 and Romesh on 0777514394 from CandleAid.
Capt Elmo Jayawardena