Prof. Ranjit de Silva can solve the problem being an Ex-Co member of BWF

The newly elected President and office bearers of the Sri Lanka Badminton Association (SLBA) held a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Sports on the instructions of the Minister of Tourism and Sports Navin Dissanayake.

The topics of discussion were the immediate steps to be taken to obtain the removal of the suspension of the SLBA by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the preparation for the SAF Games to be held in India in January 2016.

The SLBA office bearers assured the officials of the Ministry that they will meet the officials of BWF and take necessary steps including the amendment of certain sections of the SLBA constitution to be consistent with the requirements of the BWF. The SLBA office bearers also assured the Ministry officials that the current suspension has no serious repercussion on the sport in Sri Lanka in the immediate future as it will not prevent Sri Lanka from participating in the SAF Games as the said games are not considered by BWF for world ranking points.

Based on the undertaking given by the SLBA the Minister of Tourism and Sports has directed the officials of the Ministry not to proceed with referring this matter to the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport/ Court of Arbitration for Sport and to await the response of the SLBA.

Meeting of SLBA affiliates
Meanwhile, a meeting was held between representatives of the SLBA affiliates, past badminton champions and present national players at the Olympic House on 8th August and agreed on the following;

1. To have the suspension on Sri Lanka lifted at the earliest we should follow the instructions given in the BWF letter of 4 June 2015.

2. An SGM will be called to modify Clause 16 of the SLBA Constitution of 1977 to read only as follows:

In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this Constitution and that of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), The BWF Constitution shall prevail.

3. This proposal will be sent to BWF for approval.

4. An election will be conducted under the SLBA Constitution of 1977 without any interference from Government regulations.

5. The SGM and the elections will be called by Major Sampath Peiris as the last legal Secretary of the SLBA.

6. The elections and the arrangements leading up to it (nominations, voting list, etc) will be monitored and supervised by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) to ensure it strictly conforms to the SLBA Constitution of 1977.