Dr.George Abela speaking at today's media briefing. (Pic by Chandana Wijesinghe)

The Observer group of the Commonwealth presenting their key findings by observing all aspects related to the General Election held last Monday (17) emphasized the need to establish an independent Election Commission which according to them should be done as a matter of urgency. They also proposed to review the electoral system, legal measures taken to ensure adequate participation and representation of women in politics, revision of campaign methods.

“Another aspect we observed which needs to be regulated is regarding campaign spending or financing.  There are no regulations laid down in that regard and we believe that if such rules are imposed then it will be in favor of the citizens.”

The Commonwealth Observer Group claimed the election was credible and the final outcome reflected the will of the people of Sri Lanka. In a press briefing held today The Chairperson Dr.George Abela mentioned that the General Election held on last Monday was a democratic election and the environment of the election was calm and peaceful compared to elections held in the recent past.

“All stakeholders viewed this election environment as remarkably calmer and more peaceful than those witnessed in the past,” said Abela.

The Chairperson appreciated the role played by the Election Commissioner, “He was committed to a fair campaign environment” he said. Abela also expressed his gratitude over the proactive and even-handed approach of The Police department and all the officials contributed to conduct a free and fair election.

Interim statement issued by the of the Commonwealth Observer Group further states that the voters were able to exercise their franchise freely in a peaceful environment and they have also mentioned that the vote and preference counting was conducted transparently.

According to the Commonwealth Observer Group the final report will be completed within the next three days and it will be handed over to  the Commonwealth Secretary- General  and then to the government of Sri Lanka.