I am happy
I am happy that we engage in politics. Otherwise, cricket would become the most popular game.

Get ready
For better or for worse, a new era will begin. So, get ready
for it.

Mahinda used to be a good leader. Today he is a good speaker. Who has changed him?

Basil thought that a country was a set of statistics. That was his mistake.

Wimal thought that the people have only ears and no brains. That was his mistake.

Maithri has become President again. Both the UNP and UPFA want him now. So his ‘Raja Yoga’ is sustained.

It is said that a tree to a tree will meet in Moratuwa (“gahata gahak Moratuwedi muna gehenawalu”). Likewise Champika will meet Udaya G in the next Parliament.

We cannot get rid of ourselves. So, we have to cheer for Ranil, Mahinda, or Anura.

Great heroes
Mahinda and Sarath have become real heroes. They will lose their power, but will enter history as the greatest heroes of this century. So, they have to be happy.

Gotabhaya has to prepare for the next election. Yes, he has time to serve Mother Lanka still.

My beliefs
This is what I believe in at the moment. My beliefs are subject to the shifts of time. Like others.

A new world
Let’s think of a world without politics. Yes, we love politics as much as we hate it. We even can do without it. But we cannot live without it.

A new religion
Politics is another religion. Even monks have started to convert to it.

The end
Though I say I do not like politics, everything I have written here is related to politics. It means that I too am a politician. When everyone else is, how can I be not?