Marking our entry into adulthood is our right to vote. By being able to cast our vote, we are being given the opportunity to decide on the country’s Parliament and government. While we may think the politicians, ministries and government institutions don’t directly affect us, they do decide certain things when it comes to our life, whether it’s regarding our education, employment, rules and regulations or prices and taxes of items.

Thus when we complain about the government or politicians, we need to ask ourselves how we contributed to the current situation. May be you didn’t vote wisely and simply voted for whomever your parents were voting for. Maybe you didn’t cast a vote. Not to vote may seem like an act of rebellion, but it is in fact an act of silencing yourself.

Through a vote, you are voicing your opinion. The candidate or party you vote for may not win, but they will be voted for. With each vote they receive, the party and candidate will be stronger and they would be able to push forward their ideologies. Let’s say a new party, XYZ, is formed. The party members have the ideologies that you agree with and that are best for the people.

They fight for social equality. In their capacity, they help people.
You want to vote for them but you think, ‘my vote won’t make a difference’ or ‘they won’t win anyway.’ You make a few calculations and come to the conclusion that only a handful will vote for them.

Surely, they won’t receive enough votes to make any difference. So you vote for someone else, maybe one of the two main parties. You let these parties continue their tango with each other, as the leading party and main opposition.

So, XYZ receives no votes and is unable to continue as a political party. They see no reason why they should.

However, if you and even a few others vote for them, they would see they have a support group. They can make an effort to widen this. Little by little, the number of votes they get will increase. It will take a while but it can happen.

You can be part of this change. You can use your vote wisely to better the system. So don’t let it go to waste. Don’t vote for someone just because your parents are voting for that candidate or party. Read the party manifestoes and see what contributions the candidates have made to society. Make a smart decision. Vote wisely and responsibly.