The Toastmasters Club of the Colombo Stock Exchange was chartered under the patronage of the Pinnacle Toastmasters Club.

The CSE Toastmasters club held its charter ceremony on August 5 where the new members and office bearers of the club were inducted. This was the first time in the 30 year history of the CSE that a Toastmasters Club was chartered and marks a historic juncture for the development of leaderships and communication skills amongst employees.

The Chief Guest at the ceremony was Chief Executive Officer of the CSE Rajeeva Bandaranaike and the Guest of Honor was Area Director, A4 Toastmaster Milan Padukka. DTM Mahesh Jayasinghe, DTM Trishma Pinto, DTM Krishanthi Emmanuel, DTM Rayhan Wanniappa, DTM Harsha Subashana, TM Ishani Jayasinghe, TM Chathura Sooriyaarachchi, TM Moditha Sendanayaka were also present at the event along with the Senior Management of the CSE.

The event was hosted within a nautical theme, with Executive Members and Club Members taking on the roles of seafarers. The induction of the Executive Committee Members was initiated by Area Director, A4 Toastmaster Milan Padukka and the induction of new members was presided over by DTM Trishma Pinto.

“Communication is an invaluable skill in our business where we interact with many stakeholders on a daily basis. We believe that a toastmasters club will help us to train and develop the communications skills of our staff in an effective manner,” CEO of the Colombo Stock Exchange Rajeeva Bandaranaike said.

“The fear of public speaking is what has held back numerous great leaders. I too was once afraid of public speaking, but I overcame my fears through failure, practice and the positive criticism I received from the Toastmastering fraternity”, Area Director Toastmaster Milan Padukka said.

“The vision of the CSE Toastmaster Club is to be the preferred choice for the creation of effective communicators and innovative leaders.” Charter President of the CSE Toastmasters Club Tharaka Amerasena said.