In a history of a nation, only a few generations rarely come across a golden miraculous moment that is of epoch-making proportions that truly needs to be seized upon. I believe, we are on the door step of such a momentous occasion which will either make or break us as a progressive nation.

While most miracles are of a dubious nature, the one, we as a whole nation witnessed was all there, so plainly to be seen by the naked eyes of a nation. That was the ending of the 30 years of vicious war cycle and took a truly remarkable miracle maker to deliver that.
Personally, I could have easily migrated long ago, but there are so many of us who stayed back as we love the Sri Lankan way of living and this country, even though, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I, for one, never dreamed the war would end in my life time, until Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) made his presence felt on the unfolding scenarios at the time and the rest is history, so to speak.

But, this nation is definitely not yet out of the woods and that is why even after the end of the war six years ago, we are yet again challenged with a truly epoch making decision to make, which either will make or break the hard achieved miracle.

The West
Up until the 15 Century, the world GDP was led mainly by China and India and they accounted for more than 50 percent of world GDP at that time. Once, you add Latin America’s production to this, the figure balloons to epic proportions of more than 70 percent.

With the onset of colonization by the western nations in the 15 century, this figure gradually started its southward direction and their absolute, plundering and pillaging of nations ensured that by the time they left, more than 50 percent of world GDP was produced by the west. But we must admire their industriousness and research and innovation driven approach that took them there.

The west has had it so good ever since, they will do anything to keep the status quo going as long as possible and no measure is unjustifiable for the west to achieve this which has made the whole of west such a farce.  Specially, their holier than thou attitude has reached nauseating proportions. These regimes will go to any length, because their, so called democracy and prosperity are kept alive at the expense of majority of the rest of the world. While we should have nothing against the individual westerners, their holier than thou establishments should be stopped in their tracks and defeated from meddling in our affairs.

The East
Enter China. Given the inherent natural strengths of China and the sheer numbers that this nation carries, it was only a matter of time, actually, for the likes of China to reclaim their natural positions of strength at the world stage and of course, the west was and is trying its best to prevent this at every turn and luckily, for the rest of us in this world, they have failed so far. China is already a super power and the world as of today is multi-polar, which is a most welcome situation.

Enter India and the BRICS. As if one is not enough, west is confronted with India’s meteoric rise, along with the rest of the BRICS countries’. As a common thug in any locality would rather prefer, only a few other thugs to be around to challenge him or none at all, the west is acting in the same manner no matter how they try to veil it.

Before things get out of hand where the west would have to contend with true two giants, they would at least try to destabilize India by destabilizing Sri Lanka and the best possible route to this end is through the Eelam route and India truly should be mindful of this and the ideal scenario would be, where Modi’s India and Xi’s China galvanize the rest of the BRICS to become the NATO of the East to counter the whole of west.

We move in cycles. Look at nature. Everything in nature is cyclical. So, given the inherent strengths of China and India, it is predicted that by the 2030s more than 50 percent of world GDP would be produced by these two giants and add to that, that of Latin America and you end up with mind blowing figure of more than 70 percent once again. This is and this alone is what west wants to postpone as long as they can. To that end, they found their Gorbachevs of Sri Lanka in President Sirisena, Ranil Wickremesinghe(RW), Chandrika (CBK) and the NGO bandwagon.

The epochal decision
The question is to whether to bring back MR or not. True, he had his share of faults as we all do, but what we really need to look at is whether the sum total left by him is positive. Let us apply simple logic again as in the case of a thug in a locality in coming to a decision.  Imagine a situation where one is building a home. You employ one contractor who makes a mess of the foundation (CBK) and then another contractor is employed who does no better (RW). Then, a third contractor takes over (MR) and does a remarkable job but with some glitches and before he could finish the job to perfection, would you, in your wildest dream want the 2 failed contractors back in again.

So, the decision in the next general election would just not be an epoch- making decision for Sri Lanka, but it’ll be an epoch-making decision for the rest of the developing nations of this world as well, for Sri Lankans have a great opportunity to deliver justice and glory not only to Sri Lanka alone, but to the rest of the developing world by ensuring that probable Gorbachevs of Sri Lanka are kept at bay for good in delivering not just a better Sri Lanka but a better world.