Even before they embarked to Sydney, Australia for the World Netball Championship Sri Lanka were under prepared as many problems cropped with the composition of the team. The main problem was in the selection of the captain who was the daughter of the coach.
Nevertheless, the team has fared poorly in the tournament so far having lost all their encounters by large margins. After being beaten by Singapore in their first match, they have now lost to Malawi 18-101, South Africa by 17-89, Fiji by 31-77 and lost to Scotland on Wednesday 27-59.

This can be considered as the most disastrous tournaments in recent times in the history of Sri Lankan netball.

To make matters worse the manager of the team is allegedly not functioning with her responsibilities. This lady who was previously removed from the Football Federation for reasons known to the Federation, is not living up to her duties in this tour.

It is alleged that she did not look into the player’s visas before the tour. This responsibility was later passed on to the coach Deepthi Alwis. Being a manager she has let down the team by behaving irresponsibly.