Umpire Khan showing the book on laws of cricket

Internationally acclaimed cricket umpire and trainer Aurangzeb Khan conducted a one-day workshop at the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletics Club in Colombo on August 8. Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka was on the invitation of the Sri Lanka Cricket Umpires’ Association (SLCUA). The workshop was attended by a large number of local umpires from all parts of Sri Lanka.

Khan from Pakistan is an ex-cricket umpire, a performing journalist, writer and a cricket historian is in Sri Lanka for two weeks and during his stay imparted his knowledge on the game laws. Khan’s first presentation was observed by all as a unique work of a cricket historian wherein he not only explained the background of the game ranging back to the year 1550.

Khan appraised the large gathering of Sri Lankan umpires about of the laws of cricket in a defined booklet printed from ‘Code of Laws 1755’, a publication of and revision of ‘Code-1744’. These copies were never made public but existed, he said.

Khan further mentioned of the incurious codes of cricket laws thereon as the ‘Laws of Cricket Code’ 1786, 1788, 1835, 1844, 1947 and 1980 to the presently praised ‘Code of Laws 2000’ whose fifth edition of 2013 is place for the whole cricketing world, applicable to all formats.

At close of his two presentations and after an extensive question and answer session, Khan stressed on the point of maintaining the status of umpires and preserving the dignity.

“Due to his extremely tough task and great service to the game, when stood up and asked all to praise this man honour, as an umpire. He should be well read on the laws, keep a tab on the improving rules and changes and above all must be a broadminded character,” Khan added.