The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) reiterates that it will not join with any party to set up a government after the elections but will definitely play the role of reining in the government as a powerful force in the Parliament. JVP’s Propaganda Secretary and former Gampaha District MP told the media on Wednesday (August 12) that both the parties would fail in getting a majority and will seek to ‘fish’ MPs from other camps to form a government.

“JVP as a party that respects policies will never join such a regime. We will also not allow the politicians to play with the people’s mandate. We wanted to remove the culture of crossovers by the 19th Amendment. But, we will be fighting to win those including an independent commissions on elections, police and media,” former MP Herath said.

He also added that the country’s political culture should be changed completely and a policy based system introduced. “The JVP does not like to engage in mudslinging campaigns on political stages. What both the parties did on the stage were revealing the faults of the rival party instead of educating the public on how to develop the country and the way of strengthening the country’s economy,” he added.

He also added that JVP had not become ‘the tail of any party’ as alleged by some who lost their ways in politics, but the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) had become the heart of the UNP. “We have worked with both the UNP and SLFP for the people. At the last elections, we worked hard to defeat the Rajapaksa administration and didn’t take portfolios in the regime. We joined with the SLFP to defeat the UNP when they brought the worst programs like ‘Regaining Sri Lanka’. People expect an alternative role from the JVP and we will respect that and act accordingly.” Herath asserted.