Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya has instructed candidates and their supporters not to carry out house-to-house propaganda activities such as distributing leaflets after 8.00pm and also suggested that such activities should be suspended after darkness falls.

Furthermore, if valid permission to use loud speakers and public addressing systems at a political rally, until 10.00pm, has been issued by the officer in charge of the relevant police station, such political meetings can be conducted till that time without any hindrance, the commissioner said in a media release. However, the Elections Commissioner has directed that measures must be taken not to amplify the sound beyond the place where the rally is held.

If the rally is being held in a crowded metropolitan area, on a small plot of land surrounded by houses, the time duration of the permission to conduct such political rallies using loud speakers and public address systems would be restricted, the Elections Commissioner has further said.

Performance or playing of a song or several songs or music with less noise, at political rallies during the legally permitted period has not been prohibited, provided such sound is not relayed beyond the place where the rally is held.

However, the release added that there have been complaints that political campaigning was also taking place at some musical shows. The police have been instructed to prevent such attempts. The police have further been instructed to prevent amplification of sound levels beyond the place where the musical shows are held, during the election period.

All types of political propaganda activities have been prohibited on August 15, 16 and 17, the Elections Commissioner stressed.